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I was raised catholic, yet at age 19 I felt romped to seek God fully, and found the churches of Christ.

I joined a church at age 19, my minister never baptized me, and never gave a reason. I has to leave though, due to the fact that we were not a united church, and I was gossiped and lied about. I spent many years alone, till age 26 when I joined another church. I spnt two years there volunteering my time. After 2 years I left, my ex minister enjoyed judging others, cussing, saying hateful things about his wife and others, making unfounded accusations.

I then met a young women whom I prayed about. It was during this time I felt prompted by God to pray, have faith, and be patient. I've lately been praying for God to change us both. I lost a great deal of faith during my time in the churches of Christ. But as I said, I felt God urging me to discover him, and indeed I started to see God reveal himself in his creation.

I sadly have not been back to church since, but feel God urging me to return.

My question is, has God been trying to nudge me in my life lately? Why did God nudge me to start praying frequently during my questions and requests to him concerning the young lady?

Hi Raul!
Yes...God is placing you in a situation where he wants to.remind you of where your priorities should be (ministry) ...or is nudging you to see where he wants your life to to shift into.  Connect with a Church....God has a lot more to.reveal to you...just like he led you before and you found a church.  Find a church in your area. Check out an Apostolic Church or a United Pentecostal Church and you may be surprised at what God has to revealed to you.


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