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Hi, I have a question about Pentecostal teachings which I'm unsure about. I know Pentecostals put significant emphasis on the Second Coming of Christ, but I'm unclear on one thing. Do Pentecostal Churches such as Assemblies of God believe that our souls go straight to Heaven or Hell when we pass away a the Catholic Church teaches, or do Pentecostal Churches believe that we are in an unconscious state after death until Judgement Day, as Jehovah's Witnesses believe? By the way, no disrespect to anybody's believe, I respect all Christian denominations, I'm just unclear as to whether Pentecostals believe we immediately go to Heaven when we pass away or whether they believe we are in an unconscious state until Judgement Day. Thanks in advance.

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Pentecostals do not believe as the catholics that there is an intermediate stage; purgatory. we believe that everything a believer has done is covered by the blood of Jesus and the atonement, therefore a Christian will be judged according to how they behaved as a Christian and will be rewarded; ie; crowns or not. If you are not a Christian unfortunately you have a one way trip. Scripture speaks of the dead rising, that doesn't mean they have not already attained their reward since there is no time with God. He exists outside of time. our belief is that we are immediately with the Lord


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