Why do Pentecostals teach that if don't speak in tongues you will go to hell?"

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Some sects teach that speaking in tongues is part of the born again experience and thus connect it with salvation. This is not the generally held view among pentecostals or Christians generally. Scripture speaks of there being three baptisms; water, Holy Spirit and fire. Luke tells us about those who were baptised for redemption of sin (John's baptism) but had not received the Holy Spirit and thus it could be inferred were not saved. You become born again when you declare that Jesus is Lord and believe that he was raised from the dead; Romans 10.9, as you grow as a Christian you may receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the accompanying gifts which includes speaking in tongues, or you may receive this during water baptism, the timing is the Lord's, however the baptism of the Holy Spirit can be confired by laying on of hands and prayer.

What these sects may actually be saying is, if prayer for the baptism of the Holy Spirit is not effective there maybe a blockage that needs to be removed but they have no right to sit in judgement on other Christians


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