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Pentecostals/How many times did Jesus resurrect?


I need to understand the "rose again" part in 1 Tess 4:14 when it says "For since we believe that Jesus died and rose again...".

As far as I know, three days after Jesus was placed inside of the tomb, already dead, God resurrected him. So, why does the text above say "rose again"? How many times did Jesus resurrect?

I checked the three main Bible versions in my native language and they don't state that Jesus rose "again".

I think you are reading too much into the passage. this is a figure of speech, we sleep and rise again every day. Jesus died and was resurrected once only and that was sufficient.
However there is also a reference to the lamb slain before the beginning of the Earth and perhaps this is a vague allusion to this but this is really just a figure of speech.

I just discussed this with a minister and he was amazed you should interpret the scripture this way


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