Hello Carlo4God

I come from a RC family background
I have christain work mate and they talk about Jesus being their personnel saviour.
Having a personnel relationship with him!
And their saved by putting faith in what Jesus done on the cross!
They go to church
I go to chapel
Could you please explain to me is there a differents between me and them.
Thank you for your time

Going to Chapel and going to Church is the same thing when it comes to fellowship.

Christianity is based on a relationship with Christ according to Scripture.
John 3:5-8, Matt 28:109 and Acts 2:38 are key texts about Salvation and entering into fellowship with Christ.

If you have repented of your sins, confessed to God that Christ is your Lord and Savior, been baptized in the Name of Jesus in Water and received the gift or the Holy Spirit by speaking on tongues as God gives the utterance, then you are well on your way to a relationship with Christ.  


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I am a Bible believing, 1(one)God, Christian. I have 2 sources to answer salvation questions; The Bible and Prayer. Having experienced salvation as is told in the Book of Acts, I hope to sincerely help you with your questions about God.


I am a Seminary graduate with a Masters in Theology (Biblical Studies). I have a Bachelor Degree in Comparative Religious Studies, and am a former Chaplain Assistant Instructor in the military. I am currently a Chaplain with U.S. Army and an Ordained minister with the United Pentecostal Church.

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