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I am a Pentecostal boy. I am in the UPC church. I was in Sunday school , and we were talking about sins and the Holy Ghost and all of that good stuff. My teacher mentioned something about a unforgivable sin. I don't remember word for word what is is , but it is when you say something bad about the Holy Spirit. I thought of something like this for some reason , although I don't believe it at all. It came back later. Ever since (over a month) I've had to say God's not dead in my head at all times (except when I'm sleeping) to not think about it , because I don't want to commit the sin and then go to hell. I repent every day , and when I pray I ask God to help me. I was so worried about it that I (think) I was refilled with the Holy Ghost. (I spoke in tongues , but I'm not sure if you have to for a certain time , because i spoke in tongues for a short time) It's really hard to read and stuff because I'm always concentrating on thinking God's not dead. I've read on the internet that it's almost impossible to commit it , but people have said this from other types of Pentecostalism , so I'm not sure if it applies or not. So I'm hoping that you can help me if I have committed the sin..


No...based on your conviction Ana your continued search to be close to God, you have not.

Sinning against the Holy Spirit is a complete denial, knowing that He is real. People who ate at this point are far away from God and probably angry towards Religion.  


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