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Hello, I converted to Apostolic Pentecostalism about 2 years ago after a lifetime spent floating among liturgical type churches. One of the things I have been confused with since receiving the holy ghost and being Baptized is with regards to what traditions common from my catholic upbringing to leave behind when it comes to religious symbols in the home.
A perfect example is growing up we always had an advent wreath in our home during the holiday season, but I have yet to meet a Pentecostal with such a decoration. Im confused by what is allowed or not when it comes to things like religious paintings in the home,the garden, things of that sort. My pastor has said this is something to pray about, which doesn't really answer my question. Can you tell me what types of religious decoration would be considered unacceptable in a Pentecostal home? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Simply put; always look at the history behind the item or tradition.  For example: Christmas trees;  done folds don't feel comfortable about them because they connect directly to pagan history and had nothing to do with Christianity or Jesus.  Icons with picture of Jesus is another roxy subject.  Unless Zinedine was present in the first century and took a photo or drew a picture that still exist today.  NO ONE knows what Jesus looks like. The pictures that Catholics or other traditions use are pictures of a model so posed at the earliest in yhe 14th century.  Fugurines, statutes and stuff like that are paying against what the Lor/bible speaks against in Deuteronomy  (idolatry).

Traditions such as Advent and Lent, are not in the bible as things that should be done.  They are traditions made up or developed by the clergy. Theologians would call them extra biblical  (additions) and the Bible warns against adding or taking away from The word of God.  


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