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Good Morning Sir ,
This is a question one of my friends asked me and i'm confused how to answer , So i require your kind help.

Imagine you're in a classroom with your classmates listening to the lecture. You're studying and the next thing you know .. A couple of gunmen comes in and starts shooting all the Christians. And one of them comes to you and asks if you are one ..You were obviously scared and you denied being a Christian . You said you were one of them. But then they see your chain with cross on it. They understand you lied and shot you. And you're dead!. Now would you go to heaven or would you not ? Can God's love still play a role even when we've not confessed ? Or would it go according to if you deny me in front of people I'll deny you too ?

Hi Denzil,
The scriptures say nothing about the word "Christian" as a salvation word.

God is clear in saying that if you deny Him, He will deny you. The question by the gunmen was NOT whether you denied God or that there was a God.

Fear does many things to us, but I believe that if you would have been asked if you denied God, and we're a sold out believer, then you would have answered correctly.  


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