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Daniel wrote at 2008-06-26 20:19:27
Based on the "evolution" of blood types,  Jesus, Mary and Joseph would have blood type O.   Before the time of Christ blood type A developed among central Europe and among Scandanavia --- blood type B developed among Asia and Japan.  At the time of Christ among Jewish popluations there was only blood type O.  Blood type AB did not come about until the 1500's when those of blood type A and B began mixing.  Since, Jesus is both Jewish and is virgin born of the Holy Ghost it would be reasonable that his blood type would match those of Joseph and Mary at the time.

Janna wrote at 2008-11-09 20:18:39
The information regarding the blood of the fetus and that of the mother is proven with mothers like myself- Those with Rh- blood type. It should be noted that when the mother is Rh-, the fetus's blood type IS determined by the father's blood type if he has Rh  blood.

Furthermore- An Rh- blood type mother's body cannot carry a 2nd Rh  blood type child unless she's given a shot to fool her body into thinking its already gotten rid of the "intruder".With a first child- the birth process causes a few drops of the babies positive blood type to mix with the mothers- her body uses it to build antibodies to protect it from further "attacks"

An AB- mother and a A- father will have an A- baby.

An A- mother and a B  father will have a B  baby.

Thus supporting the bloodtype coming from the father- but only when the motjher has an Rh- blood type.

Percentage of the worlds population with AB- blood: 0.7

jesse wrote at 2011-05-17 03:29:54
It is unwise to go beyond what is written.  The nature of the Christ was to be completely and totally PURE HUMAN, thus Jesus would have consequently had the same human DNA as anyone else.  The question of this total humanity was decided in the 4th century councils.  The age of science and reason is a part of the Copernican paradigm shift that gave rise to the humanistic gods of our imagination which prevail in the west and form the root of world view in our own civilization.  Blessed is he who believes and does not see.  Learn to trust and let go of what you think you can prove.  Something out of nothing?  Gen 1 will never make sense to a scientist, yet here we are and created we were.  

sylvia sheron wrote at 2011-12-11 23:57:29
If His blood wasn't human then none of him was human.For then neither his blood nor his body came from Mary or from Joseph. What does that make Him? A clone from heaven? This would be gnostism.Romans 8:3 clearly states that he had to be "in the likeness of sinful man to be a sin offering."So this whole argument doesn't work logically or scripturally.

W.L. "Sonny" Payne wrote at 2012-12-08 21:55:48
I found this article while writing a book, and noticed that your expert, Robin Abraham has plagiarized my writings titled "The DNA of Jesus Christ", which he took from my web site and did not give me credit for it in his response to this retired MD.  Please let me hear from you immediately or I will take further action since "The DNA of Jesus Christ is copyrighted.

Dr. William L. Payne

New Gate Ministries


Steven Avery wrote at 2012-12-21 15:50:11

The article from William Payne can be seen in

The DNA of Jesus Christ

It is a reasonable request to have proper acknowledgement with the answer (which is quoted by others).  

I find one point of William Payne unclear or questionable.

" It was the Holy Spirit that came upon the Jewish virgin Mary and implanted the holy "seed" of Jesus in her "womb" supernaturally."

This gives the impression that Mary's egg was not utilized, that it was overridden by a Holy Spirit implantation.  

If that is the belief of William L. Payne (that Mary made no direct genetic/human contribution, and was only a surrogate) I believe that this is a major error.  If that is not the belief, then the article should be changed for clarity.  And if you are not sure, then simply say so.


Yours in Jesus,

Steven Avery  

Dr. William L. Payne, Jr. wrote at 2015-01-20 19:55:22
The answers to all the statements and questions in this article can be answered in my new book, "The DNA of Jesus Christ", which can be purchased through Amazon.  It goes into great detail regarding the virgin birth of Jesus Christ and is different from the article that I wrote on "The DNA of Jesus Christ" that is referred to here.


Dr. William L. Payne, Jr.


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