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Pretzel wrote at 2012-12-30 21:02:12
We apostolics/pentecostals do not cut our hair because a womans hair is her covering. We also do not cut our hair because we would fit in with the world

. Matthew 16:17-18 says we will speak with new tounges! No one could understand that if it was a new tounge except a special enturpurpter. 18 says that we shall take up snakes. To this this means if a snake come near you and was going to hurt them our other ppl they could take them up and the would not get hurt. It also says that we shall drink poison and it shall not hurt us. To me this means if someone poisons you you will not be effected by it;) Thanks.  


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I can answer questions like "what do i do if my friends think my religous rules are stupid?" or "what can i do if people laugh at me for wearing skirts and never cutting my hair?" also "what do I do if my friends make fun of me for speaking in toungues and think i am wierd?" any type of teen question like that, that has to do with the pantacostal religoin.


I am 14 years old and have been born and rasd in this religion, i have been in and out and also no how it fels to be tormented by other kids and make me question it

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