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One God

One Baptisim

Holy Ghost!

maccscott wrote at 2008-01-31 18:09:32
Ok please clear something up for me.

Tricia said

"The words "have long hair" in these verses are translated from the Greek word komao, which means "to let the hair grow."

This is true.

But you went on to say.

"The word "hair" in verse 15 in the phrase "her hair is given her for a covering" is translated from the Greek kome, which refers to uncut hair.

This is false  kome  in the Greek is

1. hair, head of hair

This further explains verse 6, which declares it to be a shame if a woman's hair is shorn (cut) or shaven.

If you follow this logic then

verse 6 would be

For if the woman have cut hair, let her also be shorn: but if it be a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her have uncut hair.

Sound confusing?

Tricia said..

"On the other hand, it is a shame for a man if he allows his hair to grow uncut. For a man to cut his hair reflects his submission to Christ; uncut hair on a man symbolizes rebellion against Christ."

Then to follow that logic a man could have hair down to his knees as long as he cut it or trimmed it every couple of months??

Because Tricia is equating trimmed or cut hair as "uncovered" the way a man should pray and uncut as "covered" the way a woman should pray.

This logic doesn't flow.

If you look at it deeper a woman should actually have her hair down flowing over her shoulders when she is praying.

Many Pentecostal church's say that the woman's hair needs to be up. That goes against the teaching of the bible.

JMM wrote at 2010-09-17 10:12:33
This is nonsense as I see it. Read on:

#1: Christ came into the world as a man and He had long hair. He is perfection. If He is perfect then why in the world would it be a shame to also have long hair and be of the male sex? Historically men also wore long hair. It is only a more recent change that men began wearing short(er) hair.

#2: Orthodox Christian clegymen commonly wear their hair long, often in a ponytail. Now isn't that funny!? Orthodoxy is one of the oldest (if not THE oldest) denominations among the churches. They came BEFORE the Pentecostals, so are you going to tell me they're wrong?

#3: G-d gave man the natural ability to grow long hair assuming one is in good health and has the correct genes.

#4: Women can lose their hair naturally due to illness as can men. Are you going to say if a woman gets sick and loses her hair it is a dishonor to G-d? Hello!! Think people, THINK!  

Russell wrote at 2011-07-08 12:29:17
It's ironic that you will define the "length" when talking about mens hair. A definition of "how long is long" exists. When the bible simply states "a woman should have long hair" then you begin to apply a microscope to the definition and the word "long" is just not enough. All of a sudden the old school master is brought out and a law is applied. The double standard exists because you will hold a tape measure to the length of a mans hair and somehow have to decide on a number that says his hair is too long. What's that magic number? How long is too long for men's hair? If your interpretation of a womans hair is "uncut" then you set an "exact". What's the "exact" for mens hair? There must be one or are we just splitting hairs? Also "but if it be a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her be covered" (verse 6) Who decides the "if it be a shame"? Culture? The husband? I understand all you've said, but what's sad about it is how the uncut hair issue becomes a heaven or hell issue because of the strict standard some churches place in effect and if people, especially women, don't measure up then they are not used in any ministry within that church. They love Jesus just as much as the next saint. They worship and live a sanctified life, but their hair is "long" but not "uncut" so they are labeled as rebellious. That's the sad side of it all.

Nezhat wrote at 2013-05-18 09:34:38
United Pentecostal church international priests ask the sisters to keep their hair for a totally different reason that God expects women to do that.

1) UPCI priests at the time of their inception (I had to go to the dictionary to find out what this word mean when the Holy spirit was talking to me about it)did not like to sit at the feet of black brothers to be preached onto.So,THE two churches got united in the idea of not letting black brothers preaching to them or becoming priests.The angel of UPCI required sisters to come up with long hair (not the contemporary requirement of not cutting their hair).With this they willfully offended black sisters who naturally could not comply with the order.So,they did not became members of their churches in the first place.

As the black sisters stayed out of these churches,so did the black brothers who were their husbands .By this they prevented the black brothers from preaching to them against slavery,segregation,racism ,and job discriminations!!! The Holy Spirit lead me to LA county library in the city of Altadena,Ca in the spring of 1998 to look for the Encyclopedia of North American Religion ,and in it look for UPCI history and statement of faith.At that time I was preparing to get a real estate license. It took me another 14 years to get the point and the connection that the Holy Spirit was making.You see,in real estate ,they say:location,location,location which is a strong form of segregation.And that is what the Holy Spirit was warning me about.On the other hand ,UPCI ,since that time ,60-70 years ago,has made correction as to ask sisters not to cut their hair.They are still confused between the hair as a complete body form of covering which was provided by God before the fall of angels under Satan's hand and the covering of the hair from the eyes of the angels which is expected from women by God after the fall of angels.The word "ghees borideh" meaning cut braids in Persian language also means a provocative woman. This is shown in the Law of Moses when a woman provokes her husband to jealousy,Numbers5:18 .She is brought to the priest and her hair is exposed,unbind the hair: means either the covering is taken , the braid is opened,or both. Her hair is then exposed just for making her husband jealous even if she did not commit sin of adultery. Because women had their hair in braids under the covering . They were allowed to show their hair in braids to the men they were not allowed to get married to,like their fathers,sons,brothers,uncles,father in-laws,and uncle in-laws indoors.They were only allowed to show their hair with braids open and uncovered to their own husbands and other women.

2)But God expected women to keep their hair for their own protection.And God ,when He saw that Cain was not keen to cover his body #by the type of sacrifices he was presenting to Him#,in case the women also decided to follow Cain's action ,decided to cover daughters of Adam with long wavy hair down to their ankles to cover them from the eyes of lustful angels under Satan's hand.But the angels looked down at women up above from heaven and found their hearts caught in the web of their curly long hair.Then, they came down to them from their original state of being as spirits into flesh#They dropped in.# and married them. For this reason ,Paul the Apostle said that women have to cover their hair ,at least when they pray or prophesy FOR THE SAKE OF THE ANGELS.So as not to seduce the holy angels of God who are in His entourage or are sent as envoy when 2-3 are gathered together in the name of Jesus Christ.When we pray or prophesy ,the angels of God are hovering over our heads.I know this in my mind and some sisters have seen this in visions.This was revealed to me on Wednesday before Easter Sunday of 1999 when I was obediently washing my husbands uniforms with hand. They had the logos of network televisions and I disdained them very much but obeyed anyhow.So God not only expects women to keep their hair but also to cover them.When a woman keeps and covers her hair she is declaring to the angels and spirits that her husband is the head and authority above and over her.By this she is procuring honor ,safety,and protection by the angels for herself and her family .

As for men ,they should have their hair short,not shaved,so as not to reach their shoulders as it is required in the Law.Jesus was CONCEALED in the Old Covenant and now he is REVEALED in the New Covenant.Since Jesus Christ is the head of every man,then they should pray or prophesy with their heads uncovered#REVEALED#.


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