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Gracewriterrandy wrote at 2013-12-26 19:50:17
We were represented by Adam because God appointedhim to be the representative of the entire race who are his offspring by ordinary generation.  In the same way, God has appointed Jesus, the last Adam, to be the representative head of all who are united to him through faith.  These are his offspring by supernatural generation or regeneration. Obviously, the "all" who are represented by these two representatives are not co-extensive. Jesus did not come to redeem everyone who was condemned by Adam's transgression.  If a person doesn't thing it is fair that we are charged with Adam's sin, he should take it up with God; it was his plan.  I would be interested in knowing where the Bible says we are not held accountable until we are twelve years old.  I have read the Bible through many times and have never read that.


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