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QUESTION: We are currently using PS V 8.4. Trying to implement Credit card processing for the first time. When we enter the credit card data in the Credit Card Data page (AR_CRCARD_TRANS) page, the data does not get saved into any tables. May I know what are the steps required for setting up credit card data in PS Accounts Receivables.

Thanks a lot!

ANSWER: hi, sorry for delay in responding. Can you please try enabling trace and let me know the exact error you are getting while saving the page?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The issue is no error message shows up in the trace.

I wonder if i am using the right page to save the credit card data.

Is there any other page i can use to enter the credit card data?

I don't have access to 8.4 and hence requesting to perform below steps, which you might have done already. Also do raise a support request with Oracle along with this to understand functionality.
1) Open Page AR_CRCARD_TRANS and see corresponding tables behind the page and see the peoplecode behind it if there are any flags it is looking before inserting it.
2) If you know the table that it should get saved, find object reference of record to find if there are any other pages.
3) Please try performing the steps in your demo instance if it is working, compare trace files between your dev and demo instances.
If it is not happening in Demo instance then it might not be correct page
4) Refer Oracle support with doc id ID 972215.1
EAR 9.0+: Setup and Processing of Credit Cards in PeopleSoft Receivables [ID 972215.1]


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