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I have read your summary page on configuring and processing of Retro Pay and have a question on how to limit how far back Retro Pay can be limited to for processing.  Our organization has requested a 90 day time frame.  Yes they will make changes to data greater than 90 days, but they only want to process only those affected within the last 90 days.


There is no automated way of limiting retro-pay by DURATION. Closest you can get is to run retro-pay via mass process. While setting up the'Mass Retro Request' criteria (Setup HRMS>> Product Related>> Payroll for NA>> Retro Pay>> Retroactive Pay Mass Request) you can define the job effective date range by using the Start and End Date.

But that is pretty static in nature, the dates do not auto revise everyday to take the last 90 days. So you will have to look at some customisation.

The simplest option would be to build a custom bolt-on program that would create retro pay request IDs for you before every process with the calculated dates.

Hope this gives you some direction. Please feel free to revert.



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