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QUESTION: We are getting a 'Right truncation error'  from an AE program.
(Inserting a string of length 600 by concatinating some other fields)
When analysed, came to know that one field DESCR, field type as Long is giving this problem. It is taking only 504 char and the string is getting cut there.
|XXXXA|STATE BANK OF INDIA|XXXJM0078Q|BLRMOXXXXE|B. PUNDALIKA BHAT|S/O MARTHAPPA BHAT|JR. FINANCE EXECUTIVE|WARD - I|2009-05-07-|2009-06-04-|2009-07-04-|2009-08-05-|2009-09-04-|2009-10-03-|2009-11-04-|2009-12-05-|2010-01-04-|2010-02-05-|2010-03-05-|2010-04-05-|021740100053711|021740200002371|021740100064745|||||2010-04-29-

How to accomodate a string of 600 char using the field type Long?

When field type is long, then it will accomadate variable length and can be more than 600 also
I am hoping the issue can be on different field where the field type is not long.
To confirm this,Enable trace or write the values to a file for each field on the record.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank You.

It is not any other field. Because when I adjust/delete some fields from the above string (restricting the field length to 500 or 502) it is working fine.  

&string = "";
The below statement in a loop .
&string = &string | "|" | &colval;

The final &string  value is what I shown in the first mail.

Is there any restriction for the variable &string

Hi, There should not any restrictions on the variable &string.
Please check below:
1) Please provide exact error code and description from the trace file.
2) Get all the field values of the record from trace file and try inserting them into record from Database instead from program.
3) How you defined the variable &string?  (Local string &string;)
4) Value that is displayed in trace file for the variable &string. It should display entire string and no restriction.You can compare DESCRLONG field in PSMSGCATDEFN table where it will display more than 600  


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