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Peoplesoft/NA Payroll: Generating Deliverd W-2 PDF Form for Tax Year 2011


PS Version: PS 9.1
PTools Version: 8.50

Hi Vikash,

I am having an issue generating the W-2 form for tax year 2011. Note that i successfully generated the W-2 form for tax year 2012 and 2010.

I encounter the error below upon clicking the "Year End Form" link. Navigation: Home > Payroll for North America > US Annual Processing > Create W-2 Data > View W-2/W-2c Forms.

"Unable to generate PDF output. (2002,580)

The system failed to generate the PDF output. Ensure that the XML data file is in the file attachment table and in the right format."

I did configure the Tax Reporting PArameters,Year End form options, & etc. the same way i configure the tax year for 2012 and 2010.

Please advice


Hi Kelly,

There are multiple reasons for this issue. It is difficult to pin point on it remotely. (I guess, that's why the role of tech support never goes away :-) ). But I will list a few checklist items that might assist.

1. Check that the effective dates of all the W2 setups have the right effective date, beginning of the processing year.

2. Go to Reporting Tools > XML Publisher > Report Definition, pull up the W2 report setup and check the report category id. PAYROLL is the delivered one. Identify the one that you have in your setup.

3. Now, Check the report category. Userids or roles needs to be add to the report category under reporting tools > XML publisher > setup. Your user/role should have access to the category in point 2 to generate XML/PDF.

4. If everything seems fine, try bouncing the Ap server and clearing the cache and rerun.  

If that does not resolve it, you might need a deeper analysis and traces.

All the Best,


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