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I have one question, i.e when we go for AE+CI combination and when we go for AE+File Layout combination? Please reply me with explanation?

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AE + CI -
No need to recode all the work done in PeopleSoft. CI's are used to validate data coming into PeopleSoft System and the external system no need to know the what peoplesoft component is & its navigation.It is an object that called in Application engine PeopleCode to valdiate the data before writing to actual tables

Ex: Job Component in HR & Voucher component in FMS & also can be used in data conversions
If you are loading employee data via third party interface, No need write additional PeopleCode for all the validations done in job component.

AE + File Layout - Used for writing Inbound/Outbound interfaces - File reading/writing and use different other objects
AE + File Layout + CI - This combination also possible in many inbound interfaces
AE uses peoplecode to access CI
Use CI combination only if the data needs to validated to the existing PeopleCode behind the component so that no need to redo all the work that is done in PeopleTools
Used to read file data from external systems and map it to a component interface
Inbound interfaces -Read data and insert it directly into PeopleSoft tables
Outbound interfaces - Query PeopleSoft tables and write results to file  


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