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When we doing inbound through CI, after 600 rows there was mismatching data (or error)in the flat file, How to achieve this requirement? Please let me logic of this requirement?

it depends on the requirement & important to understand the business logic in the underlying component.
The basic steps in working with CIs
1) Set the get or create keys (set key values)
2) Execute get() or create()
  If get() or create() returns False
   do some error handling and take appropriate action such as not trying to continue processing that record. If you're going to continue processing, you'll need to call PSMessages collection's DeleteAll method to reset the ErrorPending flag to False.
    Continue on to #3
3) set the properties
4) Execute save
5) Execute cancel - This releases this instance or record that you were working with) so that you can set the get or create keys for the next record/CI instance. This step is not necessary if your code goes out of scope.
Please refer to the Component Interface PeopleTools PeopleBooks for additional information.
You can also refer Peoplesoft delivered CI's in AE PeopleCode  


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