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Peoplesoft/SQR related to FSCM


Ins6500.sqr is a Packing slip report for OM orders. This sqr prints two barcodes in the report heading.
The issue we are facing here is while scanning one of the barcode (Second) it throws the following error message "Recipient Country Code is not available. Please press f4 for viewing the country codes ".
This error comes only for non US customers only. This works fine for US customers.
First barcode prints Order_No from PS_SHIP_INF_INV table and Second barcode prints CUSTOMER_PO from PS_ORD_LINE table.
Kept show statements to see Order_No and Customer_PO have values. They have valid values.
Country code is no where passed to the print bar code function but in the error message it says that “Recipient Country Code is not available.”


Check whether codes are shared, or your setid is setup correctly for the non-US setup. Here is very raw way of troubleshooting it.

Turn on the tracing, peoplcode and SQL, you would be able to figure out where it is causing problem. I never encountered this issue you are getting but it all seems to be a setup issue.



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