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Hi Peter,

Can you please tell me if there is any impact exists for Personal profile page while  inactivating two events “JPMProfileUpdated and JPMProfileAdded” and running the process “RUNCTL_JPM_INDX” instead. What other events will fire while adding/updating data in Personal profile page.

Hi Joolie,

The Event Manager is used to track changes to searchable profiles (and therefore the Verity index). When an employee, manager or administrator creates or updates a profile one of these events is triggered depending on the type of change made:


This event is triggered when users creates a new profile.


This event is triggered when a user adds a new profile item, updates an existing profile item, or deletes a profile item. For example if an employee updates their profile by adding a new evaluation for a competency, this triggers the JPMProfileUpdated event. This event is also triggered when you run the Build Manager List process in incremental mode to update the manager information for a selected assignment.


This event is triggered when a job assignment is terminated. The handler InactivatePersonProfile determines if all assignments are inactive and subsequently changes the profile status to inactive. Indirectly, this triggers the JPMProfileUpdated event to remove the profile from the index.

The Event Handler UpdateVerityIndex adds a trigger to the trigger table JPM_IDX_UPDCTL for the profile that has been created or updated. The Maintain Profile Indexes process accesses this trigger table to determine which profiles to select for indexing when you run the process in Update Existing Index mode.


When changes have been made using the Job Data components, such as (these are delivered by Oracle):
• A new employment record is created.
• A compensation rate change has occurred.
• The military rank for a person has been changed.
• An assignment or job has terminated.
• (ESP) The AFI fields for Spain are updated for a person.
• JPMProfileAdded
• JPNProfileItemUpdated
• JPMProfileUpdated

When you diable JPMProfileAdded and JPMPProfileUpdated, the RUNCTL_JPM_INDX may not pick up those changes and may affect the quality in your serach result. Essential it will change the information that the index may retrieve.

I hope this helps.



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