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Peoplesoft/Automatic Paysheet Update in Paygroup


Could you let me know in which case would you check the Automatic paysheet update flag in Paygroup?

As per peoplebooks, it says that it automatically updates the paysheets from the job record information before calculating pay.

But at the same time, on paysheet, we have two indicators
1)Locked for confirm
2)Paysheet Recalculation Indicator, which I believe help in achieving the same functionality(Update paysheet in case of any changes in employee level data, on running the calc process) as Automatic Paysheet update.

What is the difference when it helps in achieving the same functionality?

The 'automatic update' referred to by the Pay Group setting is to pre populate employee paysheets with standard hours and earnings -- including earnings distribution and additional pay values.   This will occur during the Paysheet create process and does not have effect after that.  You should run a test to verify this is still working this way in the current release.

If this type of information is to be uploaded via a different process, or by direct data entry, then the option should not be selected.

At the Payline the other indicators control data updates for the already created paysheet entry for the employee.  The recalculation indicator is managed by PeopleCode that is executed from many pages in the HR system -- indicating that an employee change was made that could affect the calculation of the pay check.  If 'Locked for Confirm' is not on, then a 'recalc where needed' will recalculate the paycheck when the Payline is marked for recalculation.

Again, I encourage you to perform a test to verify this is working as intended.  Change an employees deduction amount after the paycheck is already calculated.


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