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Peoplesoft/Peoplesoft payroll SQL error


Invalid date error
Invalid date error  
Good afternoon Matthew,

I am hoping you can help provide some insight as to what may be causing this specific error once payroll is ran. Thank you so much for your time.

Most commonly this type SQL error is due to a misalignment between the COBOL source program and the related Stored SQL statements.  First be sure that the two source files are at the same version -- release and update.  The source files are PSPLDTL2.cbl and PSPLDTL2.dms and the statement name is PSPLDTL2_S_PYCLDT.

If the source files are in agreement as to the layout of this SQL statement, then you need to be sure these are the statements actually being executed.  This is accomplished by being sure that PSPLDTL2.cbl has been complied for the environment where you are running the COBOL process; and that the stored statements are loaded into that database using datamover.

If the above is not sufficient, TraceSQL report can provide more details on the specific SQL issue.  You should be able to find other solution documentation about running COBOL processes with TraceSQL enabled.


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