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QUESTION: We are moving from Peoplesoft HCM 9.1 to Oracle Fusion. Are there any data conversion scripts available to export Peoplesoft HCM data?

Hi Sudindra,

When migrating from PeopleSoft HCM to Oracle Fusion Application HCM, the use of the File-based Loader is the recommended solution rather than to write or use a customized data migration script.

See below:

The Data Migration advisor focuses on providing various options that are available for data migration or Integration of EBS, JDE, PeopleSoft or any Legacy Application with Oracle Fusion HCM.

Data Migration / Integration Options

HR2HR Co-Existence Model
HR2HR is the process by which the AU products integrate, by extracting core HR Business Objects for import into Fusion

FBL Data Conversion
File-Based Loader enables you to bulk-load data to Oracle Fusion HCM from any data source. Typically, you use File-Based Loader for a once-only upload of data and maintain the data in Oracle Fusion HCM thereafter.

FBL Co-Existence Model
File-Based Loader uses Load Batch Data, a generic utility for loading data for a specific subset of HCM objects from external sources. Using File-Based Loader, users can maintain an interface with Fusion HCM so that it co-exists with their legacy EBS and PeopleSoft systems. A toolkit is provided to facilitate this integration.

HR Spreadsheet Loaders
Spreadsheet loaders provide a Standard / Supported solution model for customers to bulk load data into Fusion. Spreadsheet provides users with a familiar interface for entering data. Simplified data loading to Fusion HCM from standard spreadsheets using a flattened row format for each object. Load data from spreadsheets for specific HR Business Object Services.

Specialized Spreadsheet loaders provide a Standard / Supported solution model for customers to bulk load data into Fusion from spreadsheets for Absence, Benefits, Compensation, Payroll, Talent (Goal & Competencies)

I hope this helps

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Thanks for the answer. Yeah I understand that we need to use data loader (Oracle has now new loader, called HCM Data Loader (HDL). It's more dynamic than file based loader). based on my research and studies I think we still need a script to export data in the format that HDL need. I am trying to see if there is a way to get those scripts.

Hi Sudhindra,

They don't provide any scripts that you can use to pre-populate the data loaders. You are correct in that you will need to massage the data from the PeopleSoft table(s) into a format consumable by OFA's loader. It's not like PS Data Mover or PS Query!!



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