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Hi Matthew,

i have a doubt on how the automatic benefits enrollment process is done,
i am aware of how an employee is enrolled into base benefits manually in each plan and mapped to deduction code on payroll and how its calculated in pyacall but i am not sure of how the ben admin runs(couldnt find much info or navigation ) can you tel me about.

1) how do run ben admin process and from where?
2) how are the third party interfaces it only through interface with provider ?

your help is very much appreciated !

thanks alot

Benefits Administration is a separate module from Payroll and Time & Labor.  As such, it has it own setup and processing menus in the PeopleSoft menu structure.

The primary role of Benefits Administration is to define the benefit offering and enrollment process know as Open Enrollment.  The end result of the election step is to populate Base Benefit tables with the results of the employee's elections.

You can easily review more about Benefits Administration in PeopleBooks.


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