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I have a very large mature Fosythia bush I would like to divide and take woody cuttings from. Now is great for cuttings but being mid winter is it bad to divide. I'm in east tn? Is it bad to root woody cuttings during winter outside. In past I have been successful with rose of Sharon.

Hi Chuck,
Thanx for your question.  I think you can probably get away with woody cuttings this time of year.  Use 6 inch cuttings at the leaf nodes.  Stick the cuttings in rooting hormone, dig a trench two inches deep and lay the cuttings in at an angle.  Cover with soil and water once.  If they don't get an inch of moisture per week, water them.  You can also take softwood cuttings in the spring after flowering and they root easily and nicely with rooting hormone in a tray of soil less mix.  I rooted a bunch several years ago like this with green wood cuttings.  I hope this helps.


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