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Perennials/Canna Lillies and Celosia Plants


I just got these two plants for Mother's Day.
I am not sure if the canna lily is a house plant or an outdoor plant.  Can they also be kept as a house plant?

The Celosia plant is a red plant and this is an annual plant.  Is there a perennial version of this plant and where can I get some.

Thanks for your assistance

Hi Barbara,
Thanx for your question.  The canna is not a houseplant but will look beautiful in your yard.  I do not recommend keeping it indoors.  These plants will grow 3-8 feet or more depending upon the variety.  They have a cool tropical look and love the heat and humidity.  Set them out into the yard after all danger of frost has passed and ground temperatures are above 60F or higher (16C).  They must receive 8 hours of direct sunlight for best blooming and growing.  Heavy feeders so side dress with well-composted manure and keep watered.  In the fall, allow the first frost to kill back the foliage.  Dig up the rhizomes and shake off the soil (do not wash with water) and allow to dry.  Hang in netted bags or covered in boxes with shredded newspaper in a cool, dark, dry basement.  Ready to plant in the spring.  Celosia is an annual. There are no perennials available that I know of.  I hope this helps.


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