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Perennials/17 yr old blue lacy hydrangea


we were in the midst of HURRICANE SANDY  last Oct.'
this spring I pruned them (removed old bark) due to storm.
now they are drooping down,  I added clean soil and mulch,  watered heavily however they are still droopy.  By this time they were usually heavy with foliage ,  what can I do to get them to be healthy again.

Hi Amalia,
Thanx for your question.  Make sure they are well watered.  If it's been hot and dry, they may need some hydration.  Check for pest infestation.  Sometimes after heavy pruning, the plants will droop a lot because the greener growth is not as sturdy and if a lot of the old woody growth has been pruned away, the plant will tend to droop until the green growth becomes firmer and stronger.  Because you may hae had a lot of storm damage, it was necessary to remove a lot of the older growth leaving behind only new or newer growth.  I would be willing to bet, this is a temporary issue because of the pruning and your plant should show some sturdier improvement by the end of the season.  It doesn't really sound to me like there is a disease or nutrient issue.  I hope this helps.


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I have been growing perennials for over 20 years now. I am self-taught mostly except for a master gardener class. I have experimented with all kinds of perennials including many that are not common to my area. I have read hundreds of books and grown hundreds of varieties of plants and hope to make it a business some day. I have become versed in botanical names and growing conditions and what I don't know off of the top of my head I can usually easily find in my vast array of research material and botanical and horticultural contacts. I especially enjoy experimenting with growing plants out of zone.

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