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I live in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh area. I planted Asiatic Lilies in 2012 & they bloomed beautifully. One had been given to me by an old friend, who passed away that fall, so when they came up this Spring, I was so happy. They grew very hearty, but after the capsules (hope I got that right) came, they remained that way until they fell off. There was only one capsule that actually opened. We did have frost 2 times within a couple  of weeks, but I called the local nursery and they told me covering them was unnecessary since at the time of the frost there were no flower capsules yet, but I wonder! Photo included...By the way, the place I work also has the same lilies planted & they have beautiful flowers on them, so again, I'm not sure of the frost thing! Thank you!

Hi Pam,
Thanx for your question.  It's hard to say what happened without being able to examine the plant.  The plants in your picture do indeed look healthy.  The cold spell could have caused the blossom failure, there could have been a parasite or disease in the buds.  Usually, if you have one plant bloom and the others don't, it means it was either a weather issue that did not affect the whole plant or there is a pest issue.  I do not think it was a pest issue because your plants look so robust.  Weather is odd.  If you live in a hilly area, you can have pockets of cold air settle and disturb things whereas in other areas, there is no noticeable effect because the cold air was not allowed to pool and stagnate.  In the future, you can take a sample of the capsules to the County Extension and have the horticulture agent look and see if there is a disease or pest issue.  

Here is some contact information you can keep for the future for the Allegheny County Extension of Penn State University.  I hope this helps.


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