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Perennials/Planting my roundabout.


What are the names of these plants/trees in the image attached as I would like to plant a roundabout just like this, also can I plant them in the uk now and are they perennials? As I need something easy to look after.

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Hello Sarah

It's pretty difficult to identify plants from a small picture, but there looks to be a selection of conifers and the flowers look like they may be Euphorbia.  

I understand what you want to do, so I'd advise you to go along to your nearest garden centre and take a look at the conifers on offer -  they go from ground cover plants to trees and everything in between and in a wide variety of colours.  They are evergreen, so don't need much attention.     As long as the ground isn't frozen they can be planted now.  Have a look at the other shrubs on show, make a note of the height they will eventually grow to, the colour, whether they have flowers or Autumn colour (i.e berries, leaves or stems), as this an extend the seasonal interest.  As we approach April/May there will be more perennial plants to choose from. Choose some that will either blend with your planting or act as an interesting contrast.

Good luck with your project, I'm sure you'll create something beautiful!

Regards,  Gill  


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