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I live in north central Massachusetts in Zone 5.  Attached is a picture or two of a shrub a landscaper planted in my yard about ten years ago. It is in full bloom right now. Can you identify it for me? Can you tell me anything about its care, varieties, etc.?  

Many thanks,

Steven DiCastro MD

Hi Dr. DiCastro,
Thanx for your question.  The shrub looks an awful lot like Weigelia which is very commonly available in nurseries across the temperate zones of the U.S.  My brother has one in his backyard.  Beautiful flowering shrub and nice foliage too.  

This shrub has performed well here in Kansas City in temps up to 110F+, after 6 weeks of drought with absolutely no rain and winters of down to -12F, snow, sleet, heavy rains, winds.  Doesn't seem to be affected by any particular pests of note.  Requires full sun and adequate drainage.  I wouldn't put it somewhere that stays too damp.  It is a pretty maintenance free shrub.  You can trim it right after it blooms if you like.  Too far later might result in less blooms the next year.

I hope this helps.



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I have been a gardener for 20 years with perennials both growing from seed and from nurseries. I went through the Master Gardener Program from Kansas State University Cooperative Extension Service and I answered questions on the Hotline a few years ago for the Wyandotte County Kansas Extension Service. I have also lived in the Florida, California, Hawaii, Arizona, Texas, Kansas and Missouri and am experienced with a variety of climates, soils and weather conditions.


I have been growing perennials for over 20 years now. I am self-taught mostly except for a master gardener class. I have experimented with all kinds of perennials including many that are not common to my area. I have read hundreds of books and grown hundreds of varieties of plants and hope to make it a business some day. I have become versed in botanical names and growing conditions and what I don't know off of the top of my head I can usually easily find in my vast array of research material and botanical and horticultural contacts. I especially enjoy experimenting with growing plants out of zone.

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