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WendyLou wrote at 2014-07-18 01:34:05
Hi Chris (6 years later!),

      How are the calla lilies doing now? I moved here to Northern GA from the coast of Washington state 3 yrs ago and planted my yellow and white (alternately) callas in between pink and white azaleas in the lower level of a large retaining wall bed last year. This year, only the two yellow ones at each end are still yellow and all the others are white and they have survived last winter's deep (record) freezes so well that they have overtaken the azaleas and I'm calling them the "Callas That Ate Chicago"...they are HUGE!!!  I'm going to feed them some bone meal to see if the yellow ones revert to their original color and this fall I'll thin them out so my azaleas can have some sunshine and breathing room again.  Have you tried saving the seed pods and planting them?! Anyway, all I can say is gardening in Georgia, with its red clay & 2 growing seasons is certainly an adventure and my tomatoes & basil & Japanese eggplant are doing well (YUM!) up here in the mountains and once you can add good mushroom compost & peat moss in with this stubborn soil, you can grow almost anything here... it's God's country, which is why I'm here!  God Bless America; Our Home Sweet Home!  


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