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Discuss performance management and explain the requirements for a performance management system.

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Hello Selvaraj,
Thanks for bring your question to  I am glad to assist.

Performance management, to be effective, needs to be viewed as a process.  We’ll look at that in a minute.  First, let’s list its impact on the business.  An effective performance management process is the basis for:

•   Managing your compensation system
•   Effectively controlling salary increases and costs
•   Retaining talent
•   Evaluating Functional and Effectiveness Competencies
•   Managing the business’s employees
•   Developing employees
•   And a factor in management and leadership effectiveness

This is too involved a topic to deal with each of the above, however, the process of performance management should give you some insights as to how these things work within the business environment.  

So let’s talk about process.  Performance management needs to be a closed loop process to be effective.  I have attached an example.  The two elements in the center of the diagram, Management Traininig and a performance Rating System that address accomplishments in terms of Functional Competencies (application of skills and knowledge) and Effectiveness Competencies (the observable behaviors by used to deploy skills and knowledge) are critical.  Again, I cannot address the process in detail as it is involved and there a books on the subject.
I hope you find the above information and the attached helpful, Selvaraj.  Thanks for looking to for you answers.  Good luck with your work or school.

I would appreciated it if you could take a few minutes and evaluate this answer using the few multiple choice questions on the website.

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