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Dear Mark

Can you list me the Key Attributes / parameters when it comes to Job Promotions during performance appraisals carried out in organizations on a yearly or six month term ?

Example : We often see some employees get a raise in terms of salary, commissions hike, get a higher designation, some employees get a raise but not to their expectations, while some employees do not get promotions at all in their work career.

Also can you rate in rankings which would be the top Job Promotions attributes ?

For example :

1.Employee Work Productivity
2.Positive Client Feedback
3.Positive Feedback by immediate supervisor / manager
4.Sound Understanding of Organization work culture, Business Processes and Practices.
6.Hardworking, Sincerity, Dedication
7.Meeting Deadlines
8.Good Communication Skills
9.Risk taking attitude


Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

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Sample Pay for Perform  
Thanks for your question, Prashant.  It is my pleasure to contribute.  Let us take your questions as follows:


Question: Can you list me the Key Attributes / parameters when it comes to Job Promotions during performance appraisals carried out in organizations on a yearly or six month term?

Promotions and pay increases and bonus awards should be based on the results of performance appraisals.  The results and related performance rating/evaluations should be based on performance to established objectives that are set at the beginning of the business year.  So I cannot give you a specific answer here as it depends on the objectives that were established and the employee’s attainment of those objectives.
Secondly, promotions should also be based on the individual’s behavior… these behaviors are also referred to as competencies.  Competencies are powerful. Competencies are about “how” you deliver your work, with what kind of behavior.  You have some in your list: Communications, Hard Work, Risk Taking, and innovation.  Competencies differ from performance to specific objectives because competencies are OBSERVABLE behaviors.  These are taught and learned through experience and by observing great managers and leaders.  Competencies differ from performance to specific objective as they are great predictors of future performance.

So promotions and financial awards should be based on: 1. Performance to objectives, and 2. Attainment/Demonstration of behavioral competencies suitable to the position AND level of organization structure where the position is located.  There are about 70 behavioral competencies identified by researchers who studied failures and successes of professionals in corporate organizations. Some internet research can assist you in learning about these – start with “Lominger’s Career Architect”.

Question:  Also can you rate in rankings which would be the top Job Promotions attributes ?

How you rank the list depends on the position. The ranking for an engineer may be quite different than for a salesperson, or a Purchasing Manager, or a Human Resources Manager, or Sales Manager.  And, it is possible that a top performing professional, manager, or leader, may exhibit all of these.  And, entry level professionals will certainly not have developed a full “tool box” of competencies.  

For your reference, the two corporations I work with used the following.  They were scaled to the level of the position in the organization structure:
•   Thinks and Acts Strategically (Vision, Intellectual Rigor, Business Acumen),
•   Gets Results (Leveraging Resources, Drive for Results, Changed and Adaptability),
•   Builds Organization Capability(Managerial Courage, Holding Self & Others Accountable, Developing and Motivating),
•   Leadership Style(Professional Presence, Interpersonal Skills).

I hope the above information is of some assistance to you Prashant!  Best of luck in your work.

Like many, I am interested in continuous improvement so I would appreciate it if you would evaluate the above answer using the “” four multiple choice questions.


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