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Periodontics/How many appointments to treat severe gum disease?


I was diagnosed with gum disease and referred to a periodontist. I had the initial consultation which showed where I had bone loss. The first step would be to do a deep cleaning with four appointments (one for each quadrant). After that, I know I will need gum flap surgery and bone grafts. My question is would this most likely be done across 4 appointments also (one per quadrant)? What about gum graft surgery since I know that my gums will recede further? Will this be done after the gum flap surgery is complete or done during the flap surgery?

I just want to know how many appointments that I can expect to be looking at after the deep cleaning is done and over what period of time (i.e. number of weeks or months).  I know after that, I will be coming back for maintenance every 3 months. Part of me would like to do everything at one time and be done with it, but I know that it is not that simple.

Hi Mike,

Deep cleanings can be done 1, 2 or 4 quadrants at a time.   Gum surgery is done usually 1 or 2 quadrants at a time.  The more quadrants you can finish in that appointment, the less visits you'll have to make.  Good Luck.



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