I'm 61 years old and in good health, have brushed and flossed daily for years, and recently was diagnosed with some gum recession, none very severe.
I mentioned this to my older brother, who said he actually reversed recession of his gums within half a year of starting two practices: brushing with Phillips Sonicare, and using a cheap anti-plaque mouthwash.  These results were in spite of the fact that he brushes and mouthwashes once every three days, since he is handicapped and the routine is difficult for him.

Is this result credible due to these practices, and if so, which of the two probably has the greater impact?

I have another question about my gum recession. The one spot that is the worst, and may require a future skin graft, is the 3rd tooth from the back on the upper right.  I later realized that, for unrelated reasons, I had come to chew almost exclusively in the left side of my mouth for at least the last couple of years.  Could this lack of stimulation on the right have led to the recession?

Thanks, Paul

ANSWER: I cannot imagine that using a sonicare toothbrush and any mouthwash would reverse recession.  Lack of stimulation has nothing to do with recession.  

Best of Luck
Dr. Scharf

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QUESTION: Dr. Scharf,
Thanks for the quick response.
How much does plaque have to do with recession?
Does recession ever reverse? If so, under what conditions?
Thank you,

In general if someone has thin gum tissue plaque and inflammation will lead to more recession then if they have thick gum tissue.  Usually gum recession is irreversible unless a gum graft is done.
Best of luck
Dr. Scharf
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