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Periodontics/Tooth infection #2


Dear Dr. Siegelman: Thank you for your answer about my symptom-free tooth infections.  Your response struck me as being perfect, but I kept thinking: OK, so you don't take your high blood pressure medicine, you feel fine, and then one day you wake up dead, or whatever.
  Now in the case of my infections: OK, you've had them for years, you feel fine and then..........well, what will happen? After having them for years, will the infection suddenly start to spread wildly?  Please understand I am not challenging you, it is just that having symptom free tooth infections is not something I can find on the net, for whatever that's worth.

Dear Randolph,

Since I have not seen your radiographs its very possible that your dentist has not made an accurate diagnosis.  In the area of tooth #2 it is possible that your dentist may be misinterpreting the position of the maxillary sinus and seeing it as a possible dark spot that he is thinking is an infection.  If you do however have an infection I cannot tell you how it will or will not affect you.  It could possibly remain a low grade chronic infectiion that you never feel or it could get worse.  Again, I just don't know.  If I could see the radiograph though I could give you a lot more information.  If you want to do more searching on the net look up periapical infection.

Dr. S


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