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Hello Doctor,

Recently I have realized that I have been doing for some long time an aggressive interdental flossing and the tips of the papilla seem to be cut. For one papilla on the upper right side and and other in the lower left side between the molars and premolars there is about 1mm missing form the crowns point of contact to the papilla.

As you can see in the photo in the lower side I already have damage done by aggressive flosing and tooth grinding, but the upper side is doing very well in that regard.

I have already changed my flossing style and I am much more careful now. But for the damage already done can I expect some regrowth? If so, ┐How much time for this? Example: 1 month, 6 month, 1 year, never...

Thank you and best regards

If the papillae are lost as a result of trauma only, such as too aggressive cleaning, they will eventually regrow when the trauma is no longer there. This will take several months.

Very often, however, the papillae do not fill the whole interdental space to begin with, due to anatomical reasons. If the teeth are not very close to each other or if the contact point is located far from the gum line, then the papilla can not fill the whole space. Also, as a result of gingivitis and with advancing age, the tip of the papilla tends to shrink and round up so that small empty spaces appear.

To preserve the papillae, the most important thing is to floss daily and to make sure that the floss glides along the tooth surface and does not damage the gum when it is inserted between the teeth. Gum infection is more harmful to the papillae than is any kind of cleaning between the teeth.


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