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My name is Mari, and I'm 16. I'm writing because I have come to realise that I am really uncomfortable with my teeth, and I would like a professional opinion. (It is very difficult to get to see a dentist, but I'm working on it.)

So, I had braces for about four years, and got them taken off two years ago. I didn't think anything was particularly wrong with my teeth until this summer when I all of a sudden relaised that my two front teeth are disproportionately large and oddly shaped. To make matters worse, I never got a retainer, so my teeth have been shifting since the removal of my braces. I am attaching two photos so you can have a look for yourself.

Now- do you agree with me that they are odd? What measures can I take to fix them? Is it possible to sand them or something? I feel really self conscious now and am embarrassed to smile naturally since I think my teeth make me look really ugly. It is coming to the point that I obsess over it.

Thank you so much for your help!


I think that your teeth and your smile are beautiful.

People, faces, teeth, all other parts of the human body, as you understand, come in many shapes.

In the United States, mostly so in California, there have evolved "standards and rules" about how people should look. This includes the teeth.

In Europe where I live, individuality is the beauty norm.

But even according to the Californian beauty rules, your smile is perfect.

The rules are:
1) The width of the smile should be at least half the width of the face.
2) Both lips should be symmetrical.
3) The lip line should show no more than 2 mm of the gum.
4) Teeth should be straight with no visible restorations. The two central upper teeth should be the dominant feature. Lower teeth should be hardly visible.

So if you want to do something, see an orthodontist, who makes you a retainer or a device that you can wear at night. The two teeth on the right side may have shifted a little after the removal of your braces and this can be corrected with such a device.

Do NOT let anybody sand your teeth or make veneers. The shape of your teeth is beautiful. So smile as as much as possible and enjoy the beauty of your young face!


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