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Periodontics/are my gums are receeding?


Close up of teeth
Close up of teeth  
i'm a 16 year old female scheduled to get braces soon. my teeth are really crooked and i have an overbite. i don't know if I've just been paying too much attention to my teeth now a days, or if my gums are actually receding. my bottom teeth gums seem weaker than my top teeth. And one of part of my gum i can lift up like a flap with my toothbrush, is this normal? are my gums receding at all? Are gum lines on teeth supposed to be higher or lower than the tooth right beside it, or are they supposed to be perfectly even?
thank you

Your gums look perfectly healthy, don't worry.

The shape and height of the gum line depends on the underlying bone and on the shape and position of the teeth. On the upper central incisors the gum is usually higher than on the teeth beside them. The gum line on your lower canine teeth is lower than on the other teeth since the canine teeth are located further out in the dental arch.

Sometimes the edge of the gum is mobile and can be separated from the tooth surface. This is normal.

The  gum line will even out to some extent when your teeth are straightened with the braces.

Yor gums are not receding. Keep taking good care of your teeth and gums.


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