My name is Mariah. My brother who is 23 years of age is now living in Turku, Finland. Prior to his yesterday departure, I noticed that the gum line on his front teeth were receding. In addition to that, the gum lines in his bottom teeth have already receded far down. As his sister, I am genuinely concerned for his dental health considering his financial struggle to make ends meet in terms of getting it dealt with since he is a full-time student. I was wondering if there is any way by which he can get a hold of you and arrange an appointment to get it figured out, and your price ranges if possible. I am hoping for your prompt response.

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You should know that in Finland most people and facilities are on vacation in July. This is the case for schools, colleges and universities, and for dentists including me. Therefore, this time of the year is a good time for a holiday in Finland but not a good time for business.

There are several excellent periodontists in Turku. There is also a Dental school that offers specialist level dental care for very affordable prices. In Finland all full-time students have a right to financially compensated dental care, including all dental specialties.

I live and work in Helsinki, located 165 kilometers away from Turku. This means about 2 hours by train. If your brother decides to contact me, he can ask for my phone number at the dental school, they will find it for him. He can also find me and my office on the internet. But please, let your brother decide what he wants to do.

An appointment to any private periodontist in Finland will cost around 100 to 150 , depending on the length of the appointment and on the kind of examination that is needed.  


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