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QUESTION: Hi, I never miss a dental check up and always alert my dentist of pant problems I have.  I recently cracked an existing molar filling and my dentist said I would need a crown.  He tried to numb the tooth with 10 shots and it wouldn't work.  He told me to come back as this sometimes happens with a bottom tooth.  I came back and was given 8 more shots that failed to numb the tooth.  He told me to come back in a few weeks when I was due for my check up.  I came back and the hygienist to.d me that everything was fine even though i complained about bleeding in an upper molar.  She also took bitewing xrays. She told me not to be so aggressive flossing.  I floss after vey meal.  The dentist then tried again to numb the tooth 10 more times.  At this point I was feeling like Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man but I trusted him.  He finally gave up and referred me to a sedation dentist.  I went to the sedation dentist and she looked at the tooth and said I had a pocket.  She measured it at 8 mm!  She referred me to a periodontist who deep cleaned and gave me an antibiotic.  He also told me my other three molars had pockets 5-6.  My other teeth were fine.  I go back in a few weeks and he said I will probably need flap surgery.  I have never had a tooth pulled or root canal and the thought of this makes me want to run.  Is laser surgery as effective?  I am vey upset?  Thank you, Lynn

ANSWER: Lynn, it is hard to know if laser surgery will be effective in your case.  I have not had an opportunity to examine you or look at your radiographs so I don't know what your diagnosis is.  If you had digital radiographs you could e mail me that would help.  There are many times when non surgical treatment can resolve the problems, but again, I have not examined you.  I am located in York, Pa.  Again, if I could see your radiographs I could give you a lot more guidance.

Bryan Siegelman

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QUESTION: Thank you for your prompt response.  I realize the 8mm might have to be pulled.  I was  concerned about the other molars.  Also how long does it usually take for a tooth to get to 8mm?  I have never missed an appt.  are radiographs X-rays?  I am going to my dentist today to pick up my records as I am switching dentist.  I live in Langhorne, Pa.   What are the reasons why laser therapy would not be appropriate?  Is it depth of pocket?  When I questioned my present dentist why he didn't notice that the was a problem with his tooth his reply was that there was no bleeding and the gum tissue looked healthy.  I realize I am peppering you with a lot of questions it is just that I am trying to make  an informed decision and to be honest I don't know who to trust after this mess.  Thank you.

Lynn, if you live in Langhorne, Pa there is a periodontist there named Dr. Paul Rosen.  I would trust him with my life.  I would go to him for a second opinion, unless he is the periodontist you are seeing.  I would bring him the films and have him take a look.  You can google him to find his number.

Good Luck
Dr. Siegleman


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