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7 years ago i was being treated for my infected tooth and was having a root canal treatment but in 2009 one of the orthodontists broke my tooth by accident and covered the part remaining with a temporary tooth. So a part of the tooth is still remaining. They said when i turn 17 they would take it out and replace it ( it was meant to fall out by then but its still on - i'm 18 now) Since then i haven't been treated, last year around December, an abscess grew on top of the left tooth which is infected, i had gone back to the dentist who gave me a course of antibiotics. I went back again to the dentist as i was in a lot of pain so he tried draining out the abscess, it went slightly down however its still there. He also said the infection has spreaded and now its beyond him to treat it so I need specialists to treat it. However may appointment is now in May. Im in a lot of pain and discomfort for a long time now, my general health has been really bad recently too. i've been having really bad breathing difficulties especially at night and really bad headaches, i'm loosing a lot of weight and i'm not eating like usual, i don't like eating anymore.

I had an MRI brain scan because of the issues i was having ( this year february), this wasnt due to my tooth as at the time, my tooth pain wasnt bad, it was more due to headaches and blurry vision however it was clear and my mouth when i saw inside was, well really bad.

is there a possible link of reduced eyesight due to root canal infection leaving untreated for 5 years? as my left tooth was infected and my left eyesight was going (now very poor) and now my right tooth is infected and right eyesight has reduced?

The past few days i've been feeling even worse. The right front tooth has been very painful - I'm assuming when the dentist said the infection has spreaded it is gone to this tooth too since its very sore. My right jaw has begun to be painful, find it hard to sallow without water and it feels like theres something stuck in my throat when i swallow without food or water too. My eye sight (left) was weak, and now it has gone worse. My right eye has gone weak which was fine before. The roof of my mouth is a light yellow/pale pink colour in the middle. My face burns, tingles and twitches its really painful, its goes numb too. especially my left side. Today i saw a pus fulled ulcer like spot on my tonsils which are really inflamed, not painful or sore, just difficulty swallowing, brown dots have appeared on my tongue. Im having stabbing pains behind my tonsils, near to the back of my throat. I think the pain is gradually getting worse. My head felt numb, when i sleep on my left side or even lay down, the left side (left front tooth is infected) my face goes puffy but i regain my position as im scared it will swell. Cheekbones and jaw have been quite a pain especially when eating. i have a deep pain right at the back of my throat going down- like in my windpipe you could say.

Please could you give advice or feedback as the doctors appointment is a whole month away. and the dentists as you know cant treat me and the specialists appointment is really too far for me. what is your advice? Please suggest whatever you can. I also developed small red and pink type dots(tiny patches/dots) around my arms and face, they aren't painful or itchy but im assuming its due to my tooth infection, i've had the for around 5 years as i have no other health problems that i know of and it was around the time my tooth was infected? The abscess above the infected tooth has been there since December 2013.The ulcer on my tonsils (if its is an ulcer) i noticed today but there has been shooting pains there for a while so im not sure if it was present before or not. the one on my tonsils- the pain is radiating to my right ear- like a burning prickly feeling.

If you could email me back, i can send more pictures of my teeth and mouth if necessary.

Thank you for you time!

P.S my dentist has given me antibiotics, neither have been helping- since june 2013. Now after several requests to the dentist hospital, they have finally called me back in May. My own dentist said its beyond him to treat my tooth now and if i do go back the most he can do is drain the abscess which he already did but did little affect. However if this is urgent, and im feeling weaker and weaker everyday- should i go to a private dentist?

Considering your age, you have a quite complicated set of health problems. To be able to understand your situation I would need to know more about your childhood dental treatments. For instance, why was the front tooth infected at the age of 11? What happened in 2009? Which tooth was broken? Why was no dental treatment done between 2009 and now? I would also need to see x-rays. I think that either the dentist or your parents should explain to you (and me) what happened since you were only a child when the first root canal treatment was done.

From what you tell me, I understand that you have a long-standing infection in your upper front teeth that is no longer treatable by conservative means. By this I mean that the tooth probably has to be extracted and replaced with an implant.

From your long letter it is not clearly evident what the problem was in 2009. Was it the right front tooth? From the picture it seems to me that currently, at least, the problem is in that tooth.

Judging from the picture you have taken from your mouth, the roof of your mouth and your tongue appear quite normal. Don't worry.

In addition to your tooth problem you seem to have other complicated medical problems that, in my opinion, are not necessarily connected with your teeth or mouth. It is very difficult to link your eyesight problems and your pains with the current tooth infections. However, the tooth problems must be treated first so as to get an understanding of the other problems.

My advice is that you should keep going to your own dentist and then go to the specialist clinic as booked. If you have too much pain, you should contact your dentist before your appointment with the specialist.

You should also contact a doctor for your eye problems, your rash and your pains.


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