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Gum Recession?
Gum Recession?  

Gum Recession?
Gum Recession?  
Hi my name is Erica and I am 21. I never used to floss growing up and I would only brush 2 times a day. However I went to the dentist for the first time in a year and she told me that my gums were really bad and I had a gingivitis. So she did a PSR on which is the quick method of the periodontal exam and all my numbers were code 1's. She did not do a full periodontal exam and she only measure my teeth by quadtrients instead of every single tooth She scheduled me for a full debridement and told me to floss everyday and brush my teeth times a day and use mouthwash. She said the gingivitis is reversiable since I don't have any bone loss. However, that was three months ago. MY gums have healed up competly. and I floss everyday and use mouthwash and also changed to a sonicare brush. However, I feel like i am going crazy I worry that I have periodontal pockets and when I began flossing I noticed that the floss was able to go down into my lower too front teeth. Its feels uncomfortable when I do it as well. I worry that my lower gums are receding and I need your help to tell me if you they look like they are receding and how bad do you think it is. Also my teeth have always been sensitive but my lower two front teeth are especially sensitive now and I am worried I going to have bone loss they the recession is extremely bad! My next followup appointment which she said is the examination of my teeth is next week and I am worried. Also do you feel that she should do a full periodontal exam the next time she sees me??

Erica, your gums looks very healthy and from what I can see you don't have any bone loss.  Even in health there are normal spaces between the teeth and gums so the fact that your floss goes down below the gumline is nothing to be worried about.  I think the best thing you can do for yourself is to make sure you go to the dentist on a regular basis.  The sonicare is a very good brush, just make sure you change the head every 3 months.  Even flossing ever other day should be enough to prevent you from getting periodontal disease.  Enjoy the weekend and don't worry.  

Dr. Siegelman


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