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Periodontics/Dark line along the bottom gums


Grey gum line
Grey gum line  

I just noticed a dark grey/ black line along the bottom gum of my mouth. It goes all across the bottom gums.

I do not smoke and I have no issues apart from an ulcer that happened few days back. I did take some antibiotics for my face pimples.

The gums are not painful, not bleeding and no bad breath.

Please help. Do I need to see a Dentist?

Thank you so much.

The dark areas on your gums are normal pigment. Dark-skinned people often have pigmented areas in their gums just like they have more pigment on their skin. Usually such a pigmentation is seen as a line or as patches.

Dark spots on the gums of light-skinned people, on the other hand are usually caused by smoking.

Your gums look quite healthy, no gum disease. Just that little ulcer that is healing.

You don't need to go to a dentist to discuss this.


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