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Periodontics/crown inflmation and recession


I had a front tooth dental bridge removed because of inflamation and the dentist replaced it with a temporary bridge. The inflamation however has persisted around one of the teeth. I also have significant recession on the tooth.

I am currently doing an implant to replace the missing tooth and  said it will go when I place a permanent crown on the tooth howver another doctor said it wiould need crown legthening because the crown is too deep into the gum line.

I cant place the crowns now because it was suggested that I place all three crowns on the same day after the implant is ready and doing crown lengthening would worsen the aesthetics of the gumline because its in the smile zone.

How can I go about this and how can i restore my gumline?

I might not fully understand your question.

To me, it seems that you have been visiting two or three dentists who have different views about your treatment.

A skilled dentist will understand the proper timing of the required procedures and will take responsibility for a good outcome.

In your case, I would first place temporary crowns and then make sure that that the gums are healthy and have the desired shape and height before placing the final crowns.

I hope that you can find a good and trusting relationship with your own dentist so that you don't have to worry about what and when  
to have things done.


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