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Periodontics/Enamel loss on both sides of teeth


Hello Doctor, I am experiencing erosion of my enamel. I have sensitivity throughout the day and have already been examined by a dentist. He recommended I try enamel protecting toothpaste before we take more drastic measures like bonding with the composite resin. I still feel pain/sensitivity so will probably be going back to ask for the resin composite bonding. The only thing is he had mentioned that the back side of the teeth cannot be bonded with this resin because he has no way to put it back there. However I do remember having fillings in the backside of my teeth. Why is it that he cannot put resin back there? I ask because I feel sensitivity in the backside as well as the front and the dentin is also very much exposed in the back side of my teeth. What can be done about the backside if he only puts the resin on the front side of my teeth? Will the back side still be sensitive even after he bonds the front side? Thanks for your advice Doctor I am very confused about all of this.

A filling is filling a hole in the tooth caused by decay.
With erosion the is no whole. There has to be space for the filling material. If there is no room then it would feel like a "high filling".

I would look more into the possible causes of the recession, including systemic causes.

Best of luck.

Dr. Ed


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