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Periodontics/Gum recession after implant


After my implant was placed for tooth 8,shortly after my gum recessed above it completely.  The periodontist did not address the loss of bone height, before placing the implant.  If I remove the implant, can a block bone graft be done to fill in the vertical defect?  I know soft tissue grafting would be needed also. Can block bone grafting be successful for this problem ?  I originally had all my natural gum tissue before the implant surgery.  I am sad.

Alexis, grafting can be done to correct the loss of bone and gum tissue.  The type of graft used and the result that will be achieved really depend on the specific details of your case.  If you had radiographs of photographs to share I could probably give you more information.  It is also possible to correct that problem in some cases without actually removing the implant.

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Dr. Siegelman


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