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Periodontics/Inadequate bone grafting disaster



Numbr 8 tooth was cracked from an MVA. The first periodontist did not put enough bone, and off angled my implant. The 2nd Periodontist who was recommended by a professor, --he removed the Implant, did a small bone graft, and then a nonkeratinized autogenous soft tissue graft from my cheek, not roof of mouth. Suddenly, he waffled and wanted to do a bridge,after we had decided on extra grafting for height, which was on the original treatment plan for number 8. Front tooth.  He was acting crazy yelling it out to his associate in the middle of my gum graft. He acted like an eccentric, off kilter maniac.

I went to an oral Surgeon at a University. I told him that I need a soft tissue graft, and a block bone graft, to correct the gum recession, and add strength for the next implant. And that other surgeons had said his, and that this was the original treatment plan. He said I had enough bone width,(but not height) and that there are different ways to do things.  I listened to him, and placed the implant, and now the gum is recessed again, with 2 mm on both sides of 8, 1 mm on the back, and a big gap in the front.  The surgeon ignored my concerns about the recession especially in the middle of the tooth.  I paid more money for a Perio consult at the same University, and the Perio. said he would have done two soft tissue grafts, and a bone graft to build up the height.  he was shocked after viewing the Cone beam CT Scan. I told him, that is what I had asked for.....but the oral surgeon said I did not need it the bone height.  I asked him repeatedly for a block bone graft.

I tried to see the Oral surgeon, one on one, but instead the prosthodontist took over the meeting, and a resident I did not know sat in. This is a nightmare for me. The prosthodontist told me, "You will need another implant down the line. Save your nickels." And that I will lose it as part of aging, bone and gum, since it already has less of both ! I am not young. I am getting all my records to see if another expert from another state will look at this, one that corrects tissue defects.  I am beyond depressed how practitioners can take shortcuts, and take advantage of me, a nice person who pays her bills.  * I had no infection, and no rejection of the bone or soft tissue grafts. I wanted it done right, but nobody seems to care about the longevity of my implant, or the health of my bone/gum tissues.  They were supposed to be cutting edge, but did not care to give me adequate grafting.  I have the CT image, but I would have to send it private. I do have a picture. Is there a chance for me to redo it again, and get the grafting done properly ??

Hi Alexis,

I'm sorry to hear about your ordeal.  However, it seems like you have a whole team of dentists and specialists looking at your case.
Sometimes, augmenting bone does not work out the way we want b/c we depend on your body to accept the bonegraft we put in, which may be none to all and it sounds like that is where your predicament lays.  You don't have enough bone to place the implant in the ideal location especially with such a visually prominent tooth in #8.

You can always try a 2nd time with the periodontist at the university after discussing the pros and cons of doing #8 all over.



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