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Hi Lukas,

I need to fetch filenames say filename1,filename2,.. from a file and then fetch data from those files.So I need to read two file everytime. Can I go with declaring two file handles or else if there is some other way pls guide me with example.
Awaiting reply.


If I understand your question correctly - you want to know if you can read in two files using the same file handle. You can do this but the files need to read one at a time.

Here is a snippet of reading in your two files:

my $fh;
my @data1;
my @data2;

# Reads in first file handle.
open $fh, '<', 'file1' || die "error reading file $!\n";

@data1 = <$fh>;

close $fh;

undef $fh;

# Reads in the second file handle.
open $fh, '<', 'file2' || die "error reading file $!\n";

@data2 = <$fh>;

close $fh;

# ... process your data

If this is not what you are trying to do, let me know,



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