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QUESTION: Dear Saeed,

Am I right in understanding that this (قرمزته یا آبیته؟) is the most usual way of asking somebody if he supports Persepolis or Esteqlāl?

The “-ete” ending is interesting. Does it have a grammatical explanation at all, please?

For example:
qermez = red
-et = your, to you
-e = is

Or is this –ete not explicable by normal rules of grammar?

Best wishes, and many thanks,


ANSWER: Hi Simon,

It is actually too informal.

You are right about -et = your, to you     -e = is
قرمزته means you are red, hell red, damn red, etc.
Regarding asking somebody if he supports Persepolis or Esteqlāl you can ask him:
آبی یا قرمز؟
استقلالی هستی یا پرسپولیسی؟
استقلال یا پرسپولیس؟
استقلالی یا پرسپولیس؟
ی here is short informal form of هستی

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QUESTION: Dear Saeed,

Many thanks again.

I appreciate what you say about قرمزته یا آبیته؟ being so informal, but when it is used, what is the most usual answer?

If it's the Reds:
and if it's the Blues:



ANSWER: You are welcome,
There are several answers:
You can say:
قرمز or آبی
پرسپولیسی هستم or استقلالی هستم
قرمزم or آبیم
پرسپولیسیَم or استقلالیَم

By the way I am قررررررررررررررررمز
and let me tell you something:
When you are red and want to mock (blather) fans of Esteghlal you may say :
استقلال سوراخه
Esteghlal is hole (is weak. is loser)
and so about Perspolis

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QUESTION: Dear Saeed,

Many thanks again - I loved استقلال سوراخه - beautifully idiomatic!

I appreciate that the above answers are the most idiomatic, but is it actually wrong to say قرمزمه (qermezame) as an answer?

The strangest thing - the friend who originally told me about قرمزته یا آبیته؟ said that قرمزته is okay as an answer, but isn't that illogical? Certainly, قرمزمه seems to me to be the right answer here, at least in comparison with قرمزته.



PS Is آبیته pronounced 'ābiyete' or 'ābite'?

You can say قرمزمه. But I have never heard such an answer. Albeit everyone will understand when you say it you mean you are a Persepolis fan. It is just uncommon but adequate.

And let me tell you something idiomatic new. ha ha
We often scorn the blues as: شیش تایی ها. means the ones who received 6 goals. Lost with the difference of 6 goals. Once Perspolis won the match 6-1. This is an iconic victory on Esteghlal.
You tell them you drive them crazy. haha Just look at their faces when they hear this and say and say and say and laugh and have fun!

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